1,000 yellow vests protest across France

French police repeatedly used tear gas and water cannons to break up a protest on Saturday by nearly 1,000 yellow vest demonstrators in the southern city of Toulouse.

At least five arrests were made during the march after some protestors threw objects to the police. Several demonstrators were injured. There were also clashes in the southern city of Montpellier where around 300 protesters faced off with police. Police there said four officers were slightly injured and nine demonstrators arrested for offences including throwing projectiles. In the capital Paris, some yellow vests joined a climate protest march.

The protests came two days after the French government unveiled a draft 2020 budget with more than 9 billion euros in tax cuts for households. It includes 5 billion euros in tax cuts for some 12 million households already promised by President Emmanuel Macron, the result of a "great national debate" he held to try to address the ongoing protests.

Source: VOV5