Open linking legal entity data in a new format, Business Data Exchange

Nonthaburi, Director General of the Department of Business Development. Opening a new type of legal entity data linkage system, Business Data Exchange or BDEX, tied together behind the house. Help government and private agencies use legal entity data conveniently and quickly, along with adding data sets to support verification and identity verification. As for the Webservice system currently in use, the system will be shut down on 30 Sep. 2025. Mrs. Oramon Sapthaweetham Director-General of the Department of Business Development revealed that at present the Department of Business Development Has developed and improved the legal entity data linkage service system for government and private agencies under the Business Data Exchange (BDEX) service system, which will create greater flexibility and convenience in using data. climb Conforms to standards for linking and exchanging government information (Thailand Government Information Exchange: TGIX) by integrating with the Digital Government Development Agency. ( Public Organization) or S.O.P.D. has adjusted the service format to link and exchange information of the Department. with government agencies through the more efficient Government Exchange Center (GDX) In this regard, as the Department It is the main agency providing business registration and legal entity information services to government organizations, the private sector, and the general public. Currently, there are a total of 180 agencies that link legal entity data with the Department, divided into 169 government agencies and 11 private agencies. Providing services such as legal entity information as per the certificate page List of shareholders, financial statements, commercial register Foreign business operations Business collateral contract registration Trade associations and chambers of commerce, etc. (links to each department data set will be considered according to the type of agency) However, in developing the juristic person information linkage service system this time, the Department has added a set of data to support verification and verification of the digital identity of juristic persons (Business Digital ID) so that service users can link or verify the information of juristic persons. Power to carry out transactions/juristic acts of juristic persons registered with the department. Especially agencies that want to prove and confirm the identity of service applicants. Government and private agencies can use this new data set service through the BDEX system. The development of the service system This new set of information is also in line with the action plan to drive digital identity verification and verification services in Thailand. For the process of requesting data linkage to the BDEX system, it is divided into 2 types of agencies: government agencies Starting with the registration process to apply for business information linking services through the website. Once the service request has been approved by the Department, contact the SPDC to request data linking service s through the Government Data Exchange Center (GDX) and private agencies. Start by registering to apply for business information linking services through the website. When the request is approved Please register the work system and the information requested to be linked. Then test the system and run the dataset. Ready to pay fees and data service charges as required by law before receiving services. Data set of legal entities that the Department Provides linking services to information that can be disclosed according to the Civil and Commercial Code regarding partnerships and companies. Public Company Limited Law Law on commercial registration Laws regarding foreign business operations accounting law Laws regarding trade associations Chamber of Commerce law and business collateral laws. The BDEX system provides data sets with modern digital technology in the form of an API (Application Programming Interface) that is secure according to international standards. and more efficient Makes s ervice recipients receive convenience and speed, supporting modern electronic transactions. However, the agency that will link the data must have qualifications consistent with information security. According to data link security requirements According to the announcement of the Department of Business Development regarding policies and guidelines for disclosing and using information. In order to protect and maintain the security of information that the Department provides, we also adhere to and give the utmost importance to its preservation. And for agencies that wish to link business data through the BDEX system, you can study additional details at the website. or the Department of Business Development website Select the online service menu Select the topic of business information services and choose the business data linkage service (BDEX). For agencies that use the original Webservice data linkage service, they can change to use the business data linkage service (Busi ness Data Exchange: BDEX). The Department continues to provide the same system. Parallel until 30 September 2025. Ask for more details at email. Source: Thai News Agency

Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Armed Forces declares that he is ready to consider himself if there is no work in cracking down on call center gangs.

Bangkok, Cyber ??Police Commissioner Declared that he is ready to consider himself if there is no work done to suppress call center gangs after the Prime Minister expects that the report will be punished within 30 days. Police Lieutenant General Worawat Watthanakornbancha The Commander of the Technological Crime Investigation Police (Technology Crime Investigation Bureau) revealed this after Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. Delegate policies to police under your jurisdiction Ready to mention that the conflict between the two police officers in the past should be considered a matter of the past that is now in the justice process. As for the case of Pol. Lt. Gen. Worawat Accused of being someone's child The Prime Minister felt sorry for him and wanted Pol. Lt. Gen. Worawat Prove yourself by working By putting the interests of the people at the center and urged to eradicate technological crimes By emphasizing the results of arrests and reporting clear results within 30 days, focusi ng on major crimes. Police Lieutenant General Worawat Emphasize that when the Prime Minister has given orders, they must be fully implemented. with concrete works which has been carried out all along in the past As for the case where the Prime Minister has stated that the work must be completed within 30 days, this is because the Prime Minister has seen the recent conflicts as the cause. therefore enforcing the practice to be more intense If unable to do so, be ready to consider yourself. Source: Thai News Agency

The Comptroller General’s Department sets up a special team Accelerate disbursement of the 2024 budget

Ministry of Finance, The Comptroller General's Department sets up a special team. Accelerate disbursement of the 2024 budget during the remaining 5 months. Mrs. Patricia Mongkhonvanich, Director-General of the Comptroller General's Department, revealed that the budget receiving unit has approximately 5 months to disburse the 2024 budget to support government agencies to expedite disbursement quickly. The Government Procurement and Supplies Management Problems Committee has established guidelines for greater speed. By reducing procurement time in fiscal year 2024 The committee monitors and expedites budget disbursement and government spending. Measures have been established to expedite budget disbursement for fiscal year 2024 as follows: Accelerate the disbursement of funds to cover the disbursement years of fiscal year 2023 so that they can be disbursed within the second quarter of fiscal year 2024, especially in the area of ??expenses that have already incurred debt. For items that are in the process of procurement, debt creation and disbursement must be expedited quickly. Set the delivery time for work to be faster. and disbursement according to law and related regulations Set a target for disbursing the overall budget at 93 percent, disbursing the budget for regular expenses at 98 percent, disbursing the budget for capital expenditures at 75 percent, and a target for disbursing the budget for overall expenditures, current expenses, and capital expenditures at 100 percent. to government agencies Proceed as follows: 4.1 When the allocation has been approved. In the case of items that must be processed or disbursed by a regional office Expedite the process of sending the allocation funds to the regional offices within 5 days from the date of approval of the allocation funds. In order for the regional office to continue spending or creating debt obligations. 4.2 Investment items in a single year must complete the debt obligations within June 2024. For new commitment items, the debt obligations must be com pleted within July 2024. 4.3 The unit head The work of the budget owner supervises Manage and expedite operations To be able to raise debt and disburse budget funds quickly. 'The Comptroller General's Department has set up a special working group to follow up and expedite budget spending, 175 teams, divided into 90 central teams, with special experts. Be the team leader, responsible for presenting to the committee to follow up and expedite the budget spending of the responsible agency. and 85 regional teams (9 regional treasury teams, 76 provincial treasury teams) responsible for following up and expediting budget disbursement of agencies in the province. There is also a working group to supervise and follow up and expedite budget disbursement. to give advice Solve various obstacles for the special working group,' said the Director-General of the Comptroller General's Department. Source: Thai News Agency

Stock market analysts point out that the outlook for Thai stocks in the 2nd-4th quarter is supported by many factors.

Bangkok, Secretary-General and Managing Director The Investment Analysts Association stated investment trends for the 2nd-4th quarter of 2024, with many factors turning positive, expecting the SET Index to end the year at 1,535 points, along with recommending stocks that support tourism that still have the opportunity to grow further and stocks of old basic infrastructure projects that are still in use. outstanding projects such as EEC, Airport Link, and deep sea ports, the government should continue to do them. Mr. Sombat Narawutthichai, Secretary-General and Managing Director The Investment Analysts Association mentioned the results of the survey of analyst opinions on investment trends in the 2nd quarter of 2024 that from the results of the survey of members of analysts and mutual fund managers from 24 agencies regarding investment perspectives in the 2nd-4th quarter of 2024. It can be summarized as follows: by the main assumptions This year's average crude oil price is 82.36 USD per barrel, forecasting the expansion of Thai GDP in 2024 from the original 3.33% (Jan. '24) reduced to 2.80%. Risk Free Rate used in valuation. The average is 2.71% and the stock market's Risk Premium is 8.13%. The factors affecting investment direction until the end of 2024 are divided into positive factors. with more than 50% of the respondents voting, led by the direction of interest rates in the country United States interest rate direction and the domestic economy There were 83.33% of respondents. The second factor, 70.83%, voted for the company's performance. Limited companies in 2024 followed by Fund Flows from abroad to the Thai stock market. and foreign economic factors including America, Europe, Asia, there were 66.67% of respondents respectively. As for the negative factors The only factor that received more than 50% of the votes was the political factor in foreign countries. There were 62.50% of respondents. As for the prediction of the BoT's policy interest rate at the end of 2024, there were the same 45.83% of analy sts who expected it to be cut to 0.50. % and 0.25%, with 8.33% of respondents seeing that the market's average net earnings per share (EPS) in 2024 is stable at 92.92 baht, downgraded from the previous survey, which was 95.62 baht per share, and expected that the average EPS Growth of 2024 is 14.31%. In terms of forecasting the direction of Thai stocks in the short term during the 2nd quarter, most expect it to trend in a positive direction. It will close at the end of the second quarter at 1447 points and when looking at the whole year. It will fluctuate in the range of 1329 to 1548 points, closing at the end of 2024 at 1535 points. In addition, it is recommended to diversify the investment portfolio, divided into cash and short-term deposits, 8.33%. Comments on foreign investment are It is recommended to invest in US stock funds, especially in the technology sector and Selective Asia such as China, India, Korea, Vietnam. For investing in Thai stocks, It is recommended to increase the weight of investments in the business category. Food and Drink Consumer products Capital/Securities construction contractor and tourism while reducing investment weight in the banking and insurance sectors. However, the 4 stock agencies that have analyzed and recommended stocks that are worth continuing investment are AOT, which has benefited from a recovery in tourism. The BoT expects there will be 34.5 million tourists this year +22.6% and there is also a government measure for free visas, which AOT expects. Passengers this year +20% to 120 million and there is no measure to give discounts to operators. This year's income is expected to be +39.6%. CK shares will benefit from the acceleration of government budget disbursement in 2024. Encourage more auctions for government projects after this. This year's works waiting to be auctioned include: Khon Kaen-Nong Khai double track railway Chatuchot Expressway and Kathu-Patong Expressway, etc. In addition, in terms of costs, it was found that the construction materials index continued to decline. CPALL shares mainly benefited from the increase in foreign tourists and economic stimulus from the government, and MINT shares benefited from The hotel business in Thailand and in Europe is growing well. Interest expense decreased The food business is recovering. Stocks that should be avoided include stocks whose fundamentals have greatly overvalued. and individual stocks with high borrowing burden/capital increase In addition, I would like to recommend to the government policies that will have a positive effect on the economic situation. It is worth the budget. Especially both short-term and long-term measures. Separate into accelerating investment in infrastructure. Move forward with old basic infrastructure projects that are still pending, such as EEC, Airport Link, and deep-sea port. Next is assistance to the public sector. Reducing household debt burden Stimulate employment along with developing skilled labor and measures to increase purchasing power. (Shop to help the nation) that distribut es usage times Not concentrated in too short a period of time and followed by policies to support tourism. Draw interest in tourism in secondary cities and expand the city, supporting FDI in target industries. Increase production limits Including moving the production base to Thailand and seeing that there is an opportunity at the end of the year that the policy interest rate will decrease. Including the trend of the baht value likely to strengthen in mid-April and there may be fluctuations during the rest of this year. The Investment Analysts Association has summarized the highest point of the SET Index during April - December 2024 at an average of 1,548 points and expects that the index will reach a high point of 1,501 - 1,600 and a low point of 1,329 points. Investing in high-risk assets is recommended to be divided among foreign stocks or foreign stock funds, real estate funds / REITs, and gold and foreign stock investments. Foreign stock funds Recommend US stock funds, especially those in the technology sector and Selective Asia such as China, India, Korea, Vietnam, etc. Source: Thai News Agency

Monkey Gang Robs Mangoes While Car Stuck at Red Light

LOPBURI, In Lopburi, a troop of monkeys swarmed around a pickup truck carrying two crates of ripe mangoes and another two crates of graded green mangoes while it was stopped at a red light. Amidst efforts to address the monkey issue in Lopburi province, residents still need to be cautious about safeguarding their property and food from theft. Recently, a troop of monkeys surrounded a pickup truck loaded with four large crates of ripe mangoes, nearly stealing them all. During the halt, waiting for a passing train at the intersection in front of the historical Phra Phrang Sam Yot temple in Mueang Lopburi District, the pickup truck loaded with mangoes remained stationary. However, neither advancing nor retreating was an option as the mangoes were almost completely taken by the monkeys until the train passed. The truck hurriedly moved forward to pass the nearby Phra Kan Shrine. The monkeys, already eyeing their prize, leaped and grabbed most of the mangoes. The pick-up truck driver mentioned the urgent nee d to deliver the mangoes to the market and had no time to cover them with cloth. Authorities are preparing to relocate unruly monkeys, roaming the Lopburi city to a temporary shelter as a short-term measure to tackle the monkey overpopulation following an incident of food snatching causing injury last month. Source: Thai News Agency

Illegal Migrants from Myanmar Arrested

KANCHANABURI, Many provinces along the Myanmar border have been vigilant due to the influx of people from Myanmar illegally crossing the border into Thailand, both in search of employment and to escape internal conflicts within Myanmar. Authorities arrested 119 illegal migrants from Myanmar at various points in Kanchanaburi province during searches on five vehicles. Investigations revealed that most of the apprehended workers entered through natural channels, specifically through the Three Pagodas Pass in the Sangkhla Buri District. Upon entry, they were escorted by Myanmar nationals, traversing through the forests to avoid checkpoints or hiding within the woods, awaiting transportation to work in the inner provinces such as Samut Songkhram, Samut Sakhon, Nakhon Pathom, as well as southern provinces and Bangkok. Additionally, some groups of Myanmar nationals have fled due to political conflicts following the Myanmar government's announcement of criteria for conscription, setting the minimum age at 15 yea rs old to combat opposition groups. This led to Myanmar nationals fleeing the country and crossing over to Thailand. Source: Thai News Agency