Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Armed Forces declares that he is ready to consider himself if there is no work in cracking down on call center gangs.

Bangkok, Cyber ??Police Commissioner Declared that he is ready to consider himself if there is no work done to suppress call center gangs after the Prime Minister expects that the report will be punished within 30 days. Police Lieutenant General Worawat Watthanakornbancha The Commander of the Technological Crime Investigation Police (Technology Crime Investigation Bureau) revealed this after Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. Delegate policies to police under your jurisdiction Ready to mention that the conflict between the two police officers in the past should be considered a matter of the past that is now in the justice process. As for the case of Pol. Lt. Gen. Worawat Accused of being someone's child The Prime Minister felt sorry for him and wanted Pol. Lt. Gen. Worawat Prove yourself by working By putting the interests of the people at the center and urged to eradicate technological crimes By emphasizing the results of arrests and reporting clear results within 30 days, focusi ng on major crimes. Police Lieutenant General Worawat Emphasize that when the Prime Minister has given orders, they must be fully implemented. with concrete works which has been carried out all along in the past As for the case where the Prime Minister has stated that the work must be completed within 30 days, this is because the Prime Minister has seen the recent conflicts as the cause. therefore enforcing the practice to be more intense If unable to do so, be ready to consider yourself. Source: Thai News Agency

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