A 60 year old man drove his car into a pond in the middle of Songprapha Road.


Bangkok: A 60-year-old man drove his sedan into a 6-meter deep pond in the middle of Songprapha Road, Don Mueang area, in the early morning hours, suffering minor injuries. Found driving around a crane through a barrier. He revealed that he had just returned from buying things for Chinese New Year offerings. The accident occurred at 3:00 a.m. in a gray Volvo sedan with Bangkok registration. The front of the car was completely destroyed. The wheels pointed skyward. In a cement pond, width 3 meters, length 4 meters, depth 6 meters, there was a little water inside the pond. Fell into an open pond to maintain the electrical system in the water supply pond. Around Songprapha Road, which is a 3-lane road, there were only workers carrying brightly lit batons and cones. Allow vehicles to avoid the middle and right lanes only. Officers went down to help the driver, Mr. Thongchaiyai, 60 years old, who had minor injuries to his body. He told the officers that he had gone to buy things for Chinese New Year and was retu rning to his residence in the Don Mueang area. Officers took him to Kasemrad Prachachuen Hospital for immediate treatment. Mr. Jirayu Jitraporn, head of the construction safety officer, said that the scene of the incident was during the laying of water pipes of the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority. Officials need to open the manhole cover. to go down and lay the plumbing pipes They work from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. every night until construction is completed. And every time, 2 lanes on the right side of the road will be closed, allowing vehicles to pass through on the 1 lane on the left side before the incident occurred while a crane was brought to close the manhole cover. But the crane drives slowly. The driver of the Volvo then overtook the crane and crashed through a barrier or cone. causing the car to crash into a manhole cover before flipping and falling into the pond Therefore, the police were asked to measure the alcohol content of the driver as evidence in the case. To get rid of doubts Police Lieu tenant Colonel Navin Sanitphon, investigating inspector at Don Mueang Police Station, said he would rush rescuers to recover the Volvo from the pond before morning. and will go to check the driver's alcohol content Ready to coordinate with officials to check CCTV at the scene of the incident in order to collect further evidence. Source: Thai News Agency