August Revolution, National Day marked in Vietnam

Major newspapers in Vietnam gave a wide coverage to celebrations of the 73rd anniversary of the August Revolution and National Day on September 2.

Nhan Dan (People) newspaper frontpaged President Ho Chi Minh's photo and his quote: Revolutionists must embrace on their revolutionary morality as a foundation to fulfill glorious revolutionary missions. The paper editorially praised September 2nd, 1945 as a sacred moment and a milestone in Vietnam's history of national salvation and construction over thousands of years.

The People's Army newspaper ran on its first page President Ho Chi Minh's photo and excerpts from his Declaration of Independence: Vietnam has the right to be a free and independent country - and in fact is so already. The entire Vietnamese people are determined to mobilize all their physical and mental strength, to sacrifice their lives and property in order to safeguard their independence and liberty. In another editorial, the newspaper called on all Vietnamese people to join efforts to help secure national construction and defense.

Source: VOV5

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