Book on Vietnam’s economic development debuts in India

A book entitled "Vietnam: The Emerging Asian Star from a War-Stricken Nation" made its debut at a ceremony in New Delhi, India, on Tuesday.

Dr. Jitendra Das, one of the book's authors, said that thanks to its renewal policy, Vietnam has moved from being a war-stricken country to an export-orientated economy with one of the fastest growth rates in the region for the past several years.

Mr. Das noted that, as a party to almost every all key agreement in the region and the world, Vietnam has become an attractive destination for investors from countries worldwide, including India.

Vietnamese Ambassador to India Ton Sinh Thanh said the book is useful for students and researchers who want to know more about Vietnam, adding that the release coincides with the 45th anniversary of Vietnam-India diplomatic ties and the 10th anniversary of their bilateral strategic partnership.

The book, published by Bloomsbury, was written by many authors and edited by Director of the Fore Management School Dr. Jitendra Das and Dr. Hitesh Arora.

It provides deep insight into Vietnam's economy, particularly its securities market, financial reforms, the impact of foreign direct investment, women's role in the Vietnamese economy, innovation and creativity, opportunities and challenges in e-commerce, a comparison of the skills of workers in India, China, the Philippines, and Vietnam with those in the US, and consumption trends in Vietnam.

Source: VOV5