British lawmakers reject Brexit deal for the third time

The House of Commons on Friday voted by 344 to 286 against the withdrawal agreement struck between Prime Minister Theresa May and the EU. This was the third time the divorce deal with the EU was rejected, leaving the date and terms of the UK's departure from the bloc uncertain or leading to the worst scenario of a no-deal Brexit.

The same day, the British Cabinet Office announced that Prime Minister Theresa May will continue her negotiations with the Democratic Unionist Party on a plan in which, the Party said, Northern Ireland will be treated separately from the rest of the UK.

Following the third rejection, the pro-Brexit demonstrators carried placards and Union flags to block streets around the Houses of Parliament in central London in opposition of any further delay to Brexit. MPs will hold another set of votes on Monday on various Brexit options to see if they can agree on a way forward.

The European Commission on Friday said it insists on the April 12 deadline for Brexit and has given London until that date to inform it of the next steps. The Commission said that it regrets the vote in the House of Commons, adding that a 'no-deal' scenario on April 12 is now a likely scenario and the EU is now fully prepared for it at midnight on April 12.

Source: VOV5