Chinese New Year Festival Chiang Mai is very lively. Golden Dragon Parade


Bangkok: Chinese New Year Festival Many provinces are bustling. In Chiang Mai, there are golden dragon parades in front of shops and establishments in the middle of the city. In Trang Province, people flock to pay homage to an ancient shrine that is more than 100 years old. Atmosphere of the Chinese New Year Festival in Chiang Mai. There are lion and golden dragon dance troupes from Bangkok who will perform at the Chinese New Year Festival. Chinatown Chiang Mai 2024 brings the Lion and Golden Dragon dance troupe. Procession walking in front of stores and business establishments in the area of Tha Phae Road and Ratchadamnoen Road In the city of Chiang Mai This year is the year of the dragon. When a group comes to perform The shop owner will invite you. Entering a store or establishment For good fortune During the Chinese New Year festival The owner of the shop will give you Ang Bao. To begin with, it will bring good fortune. Believe that it will make you do good business. Prosperous business While in the Tha Phae Gate area In the city of Chiang Mai There are many Chinese tourists who come with guides, in groups, and on their own. I'm going to rent a Thai outfit. Let's go take pictures with the city wall, Tha Phae Gate Chinese New Year in Korat, people flock to pay respects and ask for blessings from Ya Mo. Atmosphere of the Chinese New Year festival in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thai people of Chinese descent Dressed in red clothes Bring sweet and savory food, auspicious fruits, incense sticks, candles, and offerings. Come do a ceremony of worship and ask for blessings. Monument of Thao Suranaree or Grandma Mo, sacred and priceless. Center of the hearts of Korat people according to ancient traditions that have been passed down since ancestors For auspicious life Importantly, in the area of Lan Ya Mo, Nakhon Ratchasima Municipality has issued an order prohibiting the lighting of incense sticks to worship Ya Mo. To reduce the problem of toxic fumes Small dust particles PM 2.5 make people who come to pay respect s to Ya Mo Let's cooperate and follow the prohibitions. No incense or candles are lit. Because we understand the situation of dust, smoke, pollution and global warming problems. Chinese New Year in Trang Province, people flock to pay homage to an old shrine that is more than 100 years old. In Trang Province, the atmosphere during this year's Chinese New Year festival was lively from early morning. Especially at Tha Gong Yea Shrine. In Trang Municipality It is an old shrine that is more than 100 years old. There are Thai-Chinese people wearing bright red clothes. Bring your family and relatives back home for the Chinese New Year. Come pay homage to the holy image of Kiew Ong Tai Te and various sacred figures within the shrine, along with bringing more than 20 roasted pigs, boiled duck, boiled chicken, stewed pork, auspicious fruits and various sweet and savory foods to add to the auspiciousness of welcoming the new year. New, believing that if you come to pay homage and ask for holy blessings during the Chin ese New Year festival It will make your business prosperous, progress, and be healthy. Fortune is plentiful and there is no disease or illness. The most popular menu is grilled pork from Trang. Orders have flooded for every oven in the past 4 years after the COVID situation has resulted in expensive pork. It is expected that during the Chinese New Year the total amount will exceed 500-600, despite the cost of other seasonings. Prices for every item rose, but merchants announced they were forced to grit their teeth and sell at the original price. Help consumers Source: Thai News Agency