Crowds gather at Tran temple’s seal opening ceremony

A traditional seal-opening ceremony took place Monday night at the Tran Temple Complex in Nam Dinh city, attracting tens of thousands of people. The ceremony began with an incense offering at Thien Truong Temple, which worships the fourteen kings of the Tran Dynasty, followed by a procession to Thien Truong Temple from the Co Trach shrine where national hero Tran Hung Dao is worshiped. The rituals, attended by elders of the Tran in Tuc Mac village, were elaborated in a traditional manner. Replicas of the seal were given to pilgrims and visitors.

The same day, Tran Thuong Temple's food-distribution festival took place in Ha Nam province. Tran Thuong temple is dedicated to Tran Hung Dao, the supreme commander of Vietnam in the Tran Dynasty who repelled three major Mongolian invasions in the 13th century. Nhan Dao commune in Ly Nhan district was chosen by Tran Hung Dao as a food storage area for his army during war against the invaders.

Source: VOV5