Decree on functions, tasks of Construction Ministry stipulated

The Government has issued Decree No. 81/2017/NA�-CP defining functions, tasks, rights and organizations of the Ministry of Construction.

The Ministry of Construction realizes the State management over construction planning, architect, construction investment activities, urban development, technical infrastructure, housing, office, real estate market, building material and manages public services within sectors and areas in the ministry's State management scope.

The ministry sets up and submits to the PM to approve the construction planning of interprovincial region, national specific functional region, highway region, and new urban planning related to two provinces and cities' administrative boundaries and new urban planning with the population scope equivalent to the urban center of grade III.

It issues construction planning standards, norms, prices, methods of calculating and managing expenses in planning, appraising and organizing the implementation of construction planning and regulations on management of urban planning, architecture and urban design.

The ministry establishes a national housing development strategy for each period, housing development criteria and housing development plans in the nation's socio-economic development every year and each period.

It guides the provincial and municipal People's Committees to set up housing development plans and programs of each locality and housing development criteria and housing development plans in the local socio-economic development tasks for every year and each period.

The Ministry of Construction submits to authorized authorities or issues mechanisms and policies to mobilize resources for the national housing development and investment, housing programs and projects at key areas.

It establishes strategies and policies for developing and monitoring the real estate market and supervise the implementation of laws on real estate.

Source: Online Newspaper of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam