Delicious dish “Sai Nam Lai Tilapia Sashimi”, the only one in Thailand.


Bangkok: Yala 9 Feb. - Invite you to taste "Nile Tilapia Sashimi at Betong", the only one in Thailand, sweet flesh, no fishy smell. The farm owner says the taste is as good as sea fish. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Narathiwat Office, organized the Fam Trip activity, leading the media group. Join in exploring the travel routes. to make public relations media Create awareness for tourism in the lower southern provinces. By leading the group to visit 'Nile Tilapia Lai Ko Ngiu' which is a large tilapia breeding farm. Tanoh Maera Subdistrict, Betong District, Yala Province, which is fed by a natural flowing water system. From the mountain down below, each pond descends one after the other. Here, in addition to being a farm for raising tilapia fish for sale. It is also a restaurant that focuses on using farmed tilapia as an ingredient. It is famous for its taste that is different from other places. Until it was said that if you come to Betong Must eat Betong chicken and tilapia in the Lai Ko Ngiu River So will come to Betong. Making each day there are tourists continuously coming to taste the food. For the now famous menu It is considered to be the only menu in Thailand that is "tilapia sashimi" because normally only sea fish are used to make sashimi. But when everyone tasted it, they said the meat was very good, the taste was good, and there was no fishy smell. If you don't tell me it's tilapia meat. It is thought that it is a type of sea fish. Or tuna ever. Santichai Jongkiatkhachorn or Ko Ngiu says that the tilapia here have special characteristics. Because they are raised in cool water flowing from the mountains. Makes the fish meat have fat inserted, so the meat is soft. Combined with the fish swimming upstream, the meat is dense. And the water flowing through the fish makes the fish not have a muddy smell. The taste is sweet and can be used to make sashimi. The source part A chef from Japan came to visit and taste the tilapia here. It is recommended to make it into a raw fish or sashimi menu using t he "Ikejime" method, which is the Japanese way of making fish and curing it for one night, making it especially delicious. Some customers even say that the sea fish can't compete with the tilapia here. - Thai News Agency Source: Thai News Agency