Emotional program marks Hanoi Liberation Day

The emotional scenes when Hanoi was liberated on October 10, 1954 will be revived through a program entitled 'Memory of Hanoi', which opened Sunday in Hanoi's Old Quarter.

65 years ago, the Vietnam People's Army troops marched to liberate the capital city in the cheerful welcome of thousands of Hanoiains waving flags and flowers. 88 year-old Nguyen Hanh Phuc of Hanoi's Hang Giay street said: "I still remember the exciting atmosphere in Hanoi at that time as people, young and old alike, flocked to the streets and lined up in order to welcome the troops entering the capital city. I will never forget my mum bursting into tears welcoming her children, many of whom were soldiers matching to the capital on that day, back home safely."

Historical witnesses attending the ceremony shared their emotional stories on that historic autumn day. Deputy Chairman of Hanoi People's Commitee Nguyen Van Quy said that October 10th, 1954, has become a milestone in Hanoi's construction and development. "This program retells stories of Hanoi in 9 years, from resistance war against the French on December 19, 1946, to the flag saluting ceremony at Hanoi's Flag Tower on October 10th, 1954, opening a new path of national construction and defense. Following Hanoi's heroic revolutionary tradition, the capital city's administration and people are tirelessly working to make Hanoi more wealthy, beautiful, modern, and civilized," said Quy.

Source: VOV5