EU says member states may face bigger bill post-Brexit

Germany and other net contributors to the EU will have to pay more into the bloc's budget once Britain has left, budget commissioner Guenther Oettinger said Tuesday, insisting, however, that they would not bear all of the UK's share.

With new financial burdens arising from the refugee crisis, collective defense plans, and the fight against terrorism, the EU could slash traditional areas of spending, such as agriculture subsidies. Oettinger is opposed to a specific tax to pay for the EU, suggested recently by former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. Instead, he suggested that part of the bloc's budget could be met by fuel taxes in member states of "one or two cents a litre". He said London will continue to finance EU projects even after its planned final departure date in 2019, adding that British payments into the EU budget won't end suddenly when they leave.

Source: VOV5