Exhibition on radar troops opened

PANO - An exhibition to mark the 60th anniversary of the Traditional Day of the Radar Force opened on February 25 in Hanoi.

More than 400 displayed artifacts, photographs and documents are divided into 6 main sections, including the section reflecting the care of President Ho Chi Minh, leaders of the Central Party Committee, the State, the Ministry of National Defense, and the Air Defense Air Force Service for radar troops; the section on the establishment and development of the Radar Force in different periods of the resistance wars for national construction and defense cause, and many noble rewards presented to radar troops by the Party, and the State. The exhibition aimed to pay tribute to heroic sacrifices of troops and people of the whole country, especially radar troops in the cause of national construction and defense, help troops and visitors better understand the foundation and development process of the Radar Force over the past years, as well as encourage radar troops to promote the qualities of Uncle Ho's soldiers and complete all assigned missions.

The exhibition will run till May 2019.

Source: People's Army Newspaper