Fidel Castro-a great friend of Vietnamese people

The Vietnam-Cuba relationship is special, unprecedented and represents the role model for international relations" and "For Vietnam, Cuba is willing to donate all our blood!" are a few examples of impressive statements Cuban leader Fidel Castro made about Vietnam. Under Fidel's leadership, Cuba has always taken the lead in the movement to support Vietnam' past struggle for national independence and current national development process.

Cuba is the first country to recognize the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (1961) and establish a committee for the solidarity with Vietnam (1963). Cuba is also the only country to set up an embassy by the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam in the liberated zone. 1967 was observed in Cuba as "Heroic Vietnam Year". In 1972, Fidel stated that Cuba's solidarity with and trust in Vietnam is absolute and unconditional.

In September 1973, Fidel became the first and only foreign head of state to visit a liberated zone in Vietnam during the American war. The image of the Cuban Commander-in-Chief in a military uniform waving the liberation flag in Quang Tri province provided an endless source of encouragement for Vietnamese people and soldiers. In 1995 and 2003, Fidel paid his 2nd and 3rd visit to Vietnam, marking new milestones in the friendship and solidarity between the 2 countries. During the visits, the Cuban leader reiterated that the Vietnamese people will forever be friends, brothers and sisters of the Cuban people. He said he firmly believes in the prospects of Vietnam-Cuba relations.

For Vietnamese people, Fidel will forever be a great friend, who lives eternally in their hearts!

Source: VOV5