Highlight 3 herbal teas suitable for consumption during the Chinese New Year festival.


Bangkok: MOPH 9 Feb. - Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Introducing the principles of eating to reduce negative effects on health using traditional Chinese medicine. During the Chinese New Year, 3 herbal teas are recommended: safflower tea, Panchakhan tea, chrysanthemum tea, along with supplementing with exercise. Helps to have a healthy body. Dr. Kulthanit Wanarat, Director of the Alternative Medicine Division, said that during the Chinese New Year festival People tend to consume a lot of food. There are foods such as flour and meat that are high in sugar and fat. This will affect the functioning of the body and cause health problems as a result. Both symptoms include bloating and flatulence, and are important risk factors for heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure. High blood fat and diabetes, etc. According to Chinese medicine, there are recommendations for eating to prevent negative effects on health as follows: 1. You should not eat continuously throughout the day. And don 't eat too full of food. Because it will make the spleen and the stomach is working hard 2. You should eat each meal based on the principle that Eat good food for breakfast, eat enough for lunch. Eat less in the evening. 3. You should control foods such as meat that is high in fat, oily foods, and spicy foods. Most importantly, you should eat foods that are beneficial to your health, such as vegetables, less sweet fruits, tofu, and bland foods. For drinks that are suitable to drink during this period It should be in the herbal tea category. This will have a beneficial effect on the body, especially those with congenital diseases, such as safflower tea (Hong Hua) helping reduce and prevent fat clots in the arteries. Lower blood pressure And nourish the heart. Panchakhan Tea (Jiaogulan) helps reduce bad fat and maintain the balance of good fat. Reduce the risk of acute heart attack And helps to create a good fat burning process and chrysanthemum tea (Ju Hua) relieves heat and thirst and makes the body refreshe d. Effective in lowering blood pressure levels And helps prevent heart disease and stroke. For eating these 3 types of tea, you should use 3 grams of tea, brew it with hot water and drink. which can be eaten by all age groups And should be eaten when you eat foods that are high in fat. During the Chinese New Year festival In addition to eating according to the above recommendations, exercise is also important to help build a healthy body, such as Tai Chi, Qigong, swimming, walking or as appropriate for your physical condition. And most importantly, you should exercise regularly. Because it will help the breath that is stuck within the body to flow better. In addition, sweating can help cool the body very well. -411-Thai news agency Source: Thai News Agency