Ho Chi Minh City’s CPI goes up 0.36 percent in April

Among 11 commodity groups, eight recorded monthly price increases, led by transportation (4.8 percent), apparel, headgear and footwear (0.21 percent), housing, electricity and water supply, fuel and construction materials (0.21 percent), goods and other services (0.16 percent), household equipment and appliances (0.08 percent), education (0,07 percent), beverages and tobacco (0.06 percent), and culture, entertainment and tourism (0.01 percent).

Meanwhile, decreases were seen in post and telecommunication (0.12 percent) and food and catering services (0.6 percent). Prices of medicine and medical services remained stable during the month.

Gold prices fell by 0.68 percent, while USD price stayed stable the same in April.

Source: People's Army Newspaper