Int’l workshop on culture, religions organized in HCM City

An international workshop, themed The ASEAN Region and South Asia: A Melting Pot of Culture and Buddhism in Southeast Asia is taking place in Ho Chi Minh City from July 9-11.

Participants at the event have an opportunity to discover the differences on religions and culture in the world.

The workshop provides 19 forums in English and other six in Vietnamese focusing on around eight issues, including philosophy, interpretation, and schools of thought; theories of religions in South and Southeast Asia; cultural heritages and national identity; mind, meditation and well-being in South and Southeast Asia, traditional practices in medicine, nature and the environment, communications, languages and literature.

Forums at the event also provide information and propose measures to address social evils.

The event, opened on July 9, is co-held by the Viet Nam Buddhist Research Institute and the South and Southeast Asian Association for the Study of Culture and Religions (SSEARS) based in India, attracting Buddhist followers and scholars from 44 countries and territories worldwide.

Source: Online Newspaper of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam