Islamabad, Hanoi working for closer cooperation

Ambassador Nguyen Xuan Luu and Mrs Tran Thi Hanh hosted a warm reception in the Federal Capital to celebrate the national day of their Socialist Republic of Vietnam. This time the high mark event coincided with Eid-al-Azha (Festival of Sacrifice) holdings but still a large number of guests graced the reception. They were diplomats, former diplomats of Pakistan and senior government functionaries as well as prominent people from various segments of the society. Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, the state minister for CADD was the chief guest who was joined by the Vietnam Ambassador Nguyen Xuan Luu, Ambassador Sun Weidong of China and others in cutting of the ceremonial cake. Sound of national

anthems of the Pakistan and Vietnam added to cerenity of the event. A video documentary remained on screens throughout the ceremony that highlighted history and culture as well as progress being achieved by Vietnam.

The people of Pakistan are quite familiar with Vietnam, its brave people and the great Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Min. They were household names during the epic struggle of the Vietnamese people against the US.

Over the past 20 years Vietnam has made impressive progress in all major areas including political, social and economic. Vietnam has emerged as a fast growing economy and its forte being industry. Vietnam is a favourite destination of foreign direct investments. It has attracted around US $ 250 billion FDI from over 100 countries participating in almost 16, 400 projects. Vietnam is a good model for countries like Pakistan who suffer backward economies even when they have much more potential than Vietnam.

Source: Pakistan Observer