Japan contributes towards healthy food, clean water and hospitality

Japanese cuisine has developed through centuries of social and economic changes.

With an aim to promote the Japanese cuisine the world over, the Washoku World Challenge is being organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. The event saw participation of foreign Washoku chefs.

"It is unprecedented Washoku boom. But currently sophisticated skill and

some elements are not inherited. This is the 4th competition. There are many excellent chefs more than Japanese chef. We would like to introduce them all over the world," said Head of Judge Washoku World Challenge, Kihachi Kumagai.

Washoku World Challenge has been established as the biggest and authorized Japanese cuisine competition. The judge of this competition, Yukio Hattori, runs a cooking school.

"In this school, there are more than 130 overseas students from Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam and other Asian countries. There are around 100,000 Washoku restaurants in the world. Unfortunately some of them are disappointed. Utilizing ingredients of soup is the key issue to cook Washoku.

In this competition the subject is treating soup, soy sauce and mirin (sweet sake for seasoning)," said Judge Washoku World Challenge, Yukio Hattori.

The hotel provides all comfort and facilities to the guests including multiple drawers, a safe, large refrigerator and even microwave. Its interiors are designed to suitable for foreign guests. The guests can also enjoy the great view from the restaurant on the top floor while having breakfast.

"We would like to welcome the guests not only from Japan, but also from the rest of the world. We also want our guests to know more about the Toyoko Inn from Japan," said Director GM Toyoko Inn (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., Yuki Fukushima.

In areas such as Southeast Asia and Africa, water shortage and water quality remains a major concern.

Yamaha Motor has been contributing in providing safe drinking water to the villagers in Indonesia.

The Clean Water System of Yamaha Motor has a simple build based on the "Slow Filtration" purification functions from the nature which can be operated by local residents.

The residents have even started water related businesses such as selling drinking water to nearby villages and areas.

In future, along with further market research and developing products that are suitable for various areas, we strive to make improvement on the local water supply situation and to assist enrich local residents' life.

Yamaha has developed different equipments that are suitable for the specific locations and aims for further expansion.

Source: Business Standard