Leader: Army must strive to complete tasks for 2019

On Thursday Party General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong asked the army to make all-out efforts to realize targets and tasks set for 2019.

Addressing the national political-military conference held by the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense in Hanoi, Party leader and President Trong said 2019 will be central in the implementation of the resolution adopted at the 12th National Party Congress and the 2016-2020 socio-economic development plan. Therefore, the leader, who is also Secretary of the Central Military Commission, stressed that the army needs to stay vigilant, and make accurate forecasts of developing situations, especially emerging complex issues, and provide the information in a timely manner, allowing the Party and State to deal with the problems. He said: It's necessary for the strength and security of the country to focus on consolidating defense zones in cities and provinces. National defense and security should go hand in hand with economic development, particularly in strategic and key border and island areas. It's important to focus on security and defense education to raise public awareness about national defense. The commission and the ministry need to join with the police and other relevant forces in the fight against sabotage and destructive activities by hostile forces, and effectively fight crime.

Source: VOV5