Man Causes Disturbance on Thai Flight, Injures Himself in Cell


CHIANG MAI: A 40-year-old Chinese-Canadian man, identified as a computer engineer, caused a disturbance by trying to open the emergency exit of an Airbus A320 operated by Thai Airways as it was preparing to take off from Chiang Mai International Airport. The incident resulted in chaos onboard and affected all 13 flights with 2,296 passengers. Initial reports suggest possible psychological issues. Following the man's arrest on Wednesday night, police revealed that he exhibited signs of distress and attempted self-harm in his cell by hitting his head against the metal bars and trying to bite his own hand. Officers intervened to stabilize him and transferred him to a hospital for treatment. As of this morning, he remains under medical care pending further psychiatric evaluation. He has been charged under the Air Navigation Act. The police will seek the court's approval for his detention later today. The Canadian Embassy in Thailand has been notified of the incident, initiating procedures to coordinate with th e man's family Source: Thai News Agency