Mother complains that her child was kicked in the neck by a friend I’m angry and don’t share snacks.


Buriram, A mother complains that her daughter was kicked 3 times in the neck by a male student in Grade 4 until she was swollen, bruised, and vomited nonstop. She had to be taken to the hospital twice because she was angry that she refused to share snacks with her. Mrs. Uengkham, 38 years old, a resident of Chaloem Phra Kiat District, Buriram Province, a parent of a female grade 4 student at a school in Chaloem Phra Kiat District Ask for justice After her daughter was kicked 3 times in the neck by a male student in the same class, she had swelling and bruising in her throat, chest pain, and vomiting. She had to be hospitalized 2 times, but she still hasn't recovered. Symptoms must be monitored and treated continuously. As for the school, the parents of both sides should go and mediate among themselves. The parents of the male student who caused the incident offered to give compensation of 2,000 baht and said that if they wanted more compensation, Then go report or sue. which their own side reported to Chalo em Phrakiat Police Station, but is afraid that he will not receive justice. The injured girl said Before class ended, the male student's friend walked up and asked for something to eat, but he didn't give it to him, so the friend was dissatisfied. Used his foot to kick his own neck once, so he pushed him back. until his shirt pocket was torn The friend then kicked his neck two more times. The friend who saw the incident ran and told the teacher. Then the teacher called a friend to ask what had happened. Then he went home and told his mother. Now I have pain in my neck and have to wear a neck splint all the time, tightness in my chest and vomiting. Mrs. Uengkham, the mother, said that on Friday, February 2, 2024, during the school break, her 10-year-old daughter walked home crying. He asked what had happened, and his daughter said that she had been kicked in the neck by a male student in the same class at 4:30 p.m. during class. The daughter sat eating snacks in a Grade 4 classroom. A friend in the class cam e and asked for snacks to eat, but the daughter wouldn't give it to her, so the friend kicked her. Then the daughter pushed her back. His pocket was torn. He then kicked him in the neck two more times, a total of three times. He took his child to the doctor on Friday. and stayed in the hospital for 1 night, then the child came back on Saturday. There is vomiting and chest pain. He rushed to take his child to the doctor again, but Chaloem Phrakiat Hospital referred him to Nang Rong Hospital and stayed at Nang Rong Hospital for 1 night for a brain scan. Now I have to use a neck brace. At the same time, the child had vomiting and a sore throat all the time. The parents of the opposing party had never visited the hospital, but came to mediate and said they would only pay 2,000 baht in compensation. They refused to accept it because they did not know what side effects the child would have, so they had the father report it. If he doesn't take care of you, then it will be dealt with according to the law. Later, the reporter went to the house of the male opponent and found Mr. M, aged 66 years. The eye of the child who committed the crime said that Mr. A's grandson came and said that he had actually kicked his friend's neck. Because friends won't share snacks. But the friend pushed it back until the shirt pocket was torn, and the grandchild got angry and kicked him again. I admit that my grandchild really did it. try to heal him But he didn't accept it and didn't know what to do. Because the grandchild is still young But if he reports the matter, then the process must be allowed. Meanwhile, the school director did not allow any information or recordings in the school, saying only that it was a matter for both parents to discuss and mediate among themselves. Source: Thai News Agency