NA debates government reports

On Friday, National Assembly deputies discussed performance reports from the Chief Judge of the Supreme People's Court, the Director of the Supreme People's Procuracy, and government reports on crime prevention and control and court judgment executions.

Discussing the reports, the deputies praised the government, the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuracy for their efforts to maintain security, politics, law and social order. They expressed concerns about drug crimes, especially drug use among the younger generation. Au Thi Mai, a deputy of Tuyen Quang province, asked for coordinated measures on employment and vocational training for policy beneficiaries, the poor, and young laborers: "In the near future, it's necessary to strengthen education on the law for young people. Relevant agencies need to take coordinated measures to respond to drug-related crimes. The government and agencies need to review the legal system and anti-crime mechanisms".

Source: VOV5