NA discusses amendments to Law on Planning, Law on Cultivation

The National Assembly discussed the bill on amendments to the laws related to Law on Planning during the Assembly's mid-year session in Hanoi on Wednesday.

In its report, the government proposed to revise 27 laws to match the bill on amendments to the laws related to Law on Planning. At this session, deputies will comment on 13 laws related to the Law on Planning. They stressed the need to promulgate the Law on Amendments to the Law on Planning to avoid legal vacancies and problems in verifying, approving, and implementing plans of sectors, thus simplifying administrative procedures in business and investment.

Discussing the Law on Cultivation, deputies said the law should live up to the development of agriculture in Vietnam. Trinh Ngoc Phuong, a deputy for Tay Ninh province, said: Our agriculture faces numerous problems. Many products can't find consumption markets. We are investing more in agriculture and rural development, but don't pay due attention to fruits and vegetables, which are Vietnam's export staples.

Source: VOV5