New Zealand: Militarization of East Sea hinders freedom of navigation

The militarization of the East Sea is not good for the region, New Zealand's acting Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Winston Peters said in an interview with Australia's national broadcaster ABC on Tuesday.

New Zealand's recently released Strategic Defense Policy Statement said the government is willing to foster open dialogue, while stating China's actions in the East Sea challenge international law.

"I do not think that the militarization of the East Sea is good for the region and I believe that it will have wider ramifications for New Zealand. I believe in international based rule of law and rules of order and the propriety of international protocols being observed by all of us, because in the end, it is what will ensure a better, and safer, and more secure world. There are many other facets and ramifications for this but that is the most obvious one," Acting PM Peters said.

He added that New Zealand will boost cooperation with other countries, particularly Australia, to ensure security and safety in the Pacific region.

Source: VOV5