Petrolimex information about diesel and water at the 020 petrol station in Nam Dinh

Petrolimex said that immediately after receiving information that the Nam Dinh Market Authority detected oil mixed with water at the petrol station in Nghia Tan commune, Petrolimex had an online meeting with Ha Nam Ninh Petroleum Company to verify. information and clarifying the contents to be handled.

Accordingly, the incident at this petrol station was the subjective error of the sales staff and the company staff who did not comply with the correct process during the construction process, causing heavy rain during the construction process. to the spillage of rainwater into the diesel tank.

Due to not timely detection of the incident, the petrol station in Nghia Tan commune sold 306 liters of DO 0.05S-II gasoline to some customers.

Immediately after the incident was discovered, the Ha Nam Ninh Petroleum Company cooperated with the authorities to check and re-evaluate the quality of the entire quantity of goods in the oil tank.

Currently, this tank has been sealed waiting for quality inspection results from the authorities. In addition, the Company also worked with affected customers to clarify the extent of the damage and have remedied them satisfactorily.

Also on May 7, the Company determined the level of damage as well as appropriate disciplinary action. In the short term, the Company has suspended the work of the Head Store, direct sales staff and other related technical staff.

Petrolimex also directed Ha Nam Ninh Petroleum Company to review the responsibilities of related collectives and individuals to give the most severe form of discipline.

Before that, on May 5, immediately after receiving feedback from consumers that the Petrolimex 020 petrol station belonging to Ha Nam Ninh Petroleum Company in Nghia Tan Commune (Nghia Hung) sold unsatisfactory Diesel. Nam Dinh Market Management Agency in coordination with the Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality (Department of Science and Technology of Nam Dinh Province) checked and verified information.

Through a quick check, the competent force discovered that a supply store’s diesel oil amount contained impurities, affecting the equipment used with raw materials.

At the time of inspection, the store representative said that due to the impact of heavy rain in the morning of the same day, the whole area of ​​the store was flooded, stormwater spilled into the tank containing 23,000 liters of DO 0.05 S- II causes the above incident.

The inspection team took a sample of DO 0.05 S-II oil to solicit quality assessment and suspend the business for the store’s diesel oil.


Source: Vietnam News Agency

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