President Obama calls for peaceful transition of power

US President Barack Obama on Thursday called on Democratic senators to restrain their disappointment that Republican candidate Donald Trump won the Presidential election, and collaborate to ensure a peaceful transition of power.

Obama said he would do his best to make sure the new President gets off to a good start. He called on young people to be positive and less suspicious as America needs solidarity, unity, and respect for its institutions at the moment.

In her concession speech, Hillary Clinton promised to support President-elect Trump and called on Democratic senators to give him a chance to lead the country. She said hopes Trump will be a successful President for all Americans.

Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan promised to closely collaborate with the President-elect to promote the Republican agenda in Congress. Ryan said he and Trump are arranging a meeting at the end of Congress's working session on November 14th to discuss the transition, and the Republican agenda.

Source: VOV5