President Tran Dai Quang: Positioning Vietnam in global mainstream to match national interests

President Tran Dai Quang presented the President's decisions to appoint 22 chiefs of Vietnamese representative offices abroad until 2020, at a ceremony in Hanoi on Friday.

He asked the chief representatives to effectively implement three key tasks: maintaining a peaceful and stable environment and gathering foreign support; firmly safeguarding national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity; and improving the country's stature worldwide.

The President stressed the need to flexibly apply Ho Chi Minh's diplomacy, and continue to reform thoughts towards achieving sustainable development goals and ensuring national defence and security: Integration should be the main theme of today's world and could change national stature, so integration should be strengthened. But we also need to properly position Vietnam in the mainstream that matches national interests. Ambassadors and Consul Generals are responsible for advising senior leaders to work out timely and appropriate solutions to border and territorial issues. This task is carried out resolutely and consistently.

President Tran Dai Quang called on the chiefs of Vietnamese representative offices abroad to deepen strategic, comprehensive partnerships with other countries in order to create intertwined interests and harmonious relations.

Source: VOV5