Program honors oustanding ethnic minority figures

Encouraging and promoting the roles of oustanding ethnic minority figures should be an important and usual task of the border military forces and authorities.

Tran Quoc Vuong, permanent member of the Party Secretariat, made the remarks at a programme jointly held on Friday in Hanoi by the Communist Review, the Government Committee for Ethnic Affairs, and the Border Guard High Command. He attributed the improved living conditions of the ethnic minority groups to the strong solidarity of the 54 groups of the country. He described the elderly villagers and village leaders are the backbone of the villages, praising their contributions to supporting the border guard force in safeguarding peace in the country's border areas. "Prestigious ethnic leaders are those who understand the most their local areas, customs and ethnic languages. They play a very important role in connecting ethnic minority people to local authorities as well as in popularizing the Party and State policies and guidelines. It's of great necessity to promoting their roles among their local communities and their contributions to ensuring national border and security," said Mr. Vuong.

The program aimed to honor 163 delegates from 45 ethnic minority groups in 35 cities and provinces nationwide.

Source: VOV5