Quang Tri marks 50th anniversary of Road No9-Khe Sanh victory

A ceremony to mark the 50th anniversary of Road No9-Khe Sanh victory was held in Quang Tri province on Sunday night.

Participants watched documentaries on the battle to liberate Khe Sanh town and on changes and development of Huong Hoa district since liberation. Nguyen Van Hung, Secretary of Quang Tri provincial Party Committee, said: 50 years after liberation, Huong Hoa has healed the wound of war and developed from the ashes. Local people's living standards have improved constantly. Road No9-Khe Sanh, a once fierce battlefield has become a road of integration and development in the East-West corridor.

The Labor newspaper's Golden Heart Fund has raised more than 100,000 USD to build 50 charity houses for disadvantaged people and policy beneficiaries in Huong Hoa.

Source: VOV5