Russian President holds annual press conference

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at an annual press conference on Thursday that there is a danger that terrorists in Syria could spill over into neighboring regions.

Mr. Putin said Russia will have to keep strengthening its military base in Tajikistan until the situation in neighboring Afghanistan is settled. He said he believes the situation can only be settled by an accord among the political parties in Afghanistan.

Putin said there is no visible sign yet of the withdrawal of US troops from Syria but it is likely to happen. Putin said President Trump's decision to pull out troops is the right one because US troop deployments in Syria were illegal.

Putin called for an end to the deadlock in UK-Russia relations, saying it's in the interest of both sides to get past the impasse. Putin said Brexit will affect the world economy and Russia indirectly.

Asked about Western sanctions against Moscow, Putin said these are connected to the growth of Russia's power. He noted that the West is trying to hold back an increasingly powerful Russia with sanctions that are unjustified.

Source: VOV5