Samut Sakhon launches crab claw pants


Bangkok: Strong trend overnight within 24 hours. Samut Sakhon Provincial Administrative Organization launched 'Crab pants (sword claws)' on the page Sakhon Guide By Samut Sakhon Provincial Administrative Organization. Mr. Udom Kraiwatnussorn, Mayor of Samut Sakhon Provincial Administrative Organization, revealed that originally Samut Sakhon Provincial Administrative Organization Campaign to eliminate waste at source to preserve the environment Previously collected plastic bottles. Given to Thammasat Hospital Used to produce shoes for diabetic patients. They also made shirts from plastic bottles for officials. Samut Sakhon Provincial Administrative Organization To create awareness in reducing, separating and disposing of waste correctly. together with the trend of elephant pants that had existed before There are also young people. Modern teenagers who have the blood of artists and love design come and talk at Samut Sakhon Provincial Administrative Organization wants to ask Samut Sakhon Provincial Administrati ve Organization Organize activities to crystallize the concept of mangrove forests. Leading to the conclusion that the image of a "finger-clawed crab" turned into pants as seen here. Highlights of crab claw pants Samut Sakhon Provincial Administrative Organization It is designed to show off its artistic identity. Way of life and ecosystem Through line drawings, the prints are clear, beautiful, and stick firmly to the fabric without peeling off. Use Italian silk flexible The surface is smooth and shiny. Expect to push for pants with Samut Sakhon pattern. as a starting point for further production of products As for various patterns There will be an interesting story on the pants. 'Mangrove pattern' is a pattern of mangrove trees. The symbol of mangrove forest plants is the "3-ripple pattern" similar to the 3-ripple Kanok pattern, indicating the fullness of the sea. The challenge of wind waves and the fishing lifestyle. There are "small fiddler crabs interspersed with mangrove trees" as a pattern showing the i mportance of fiddler crabs in the mangrove ecosystem. Moreover, fiddler crabs are animals with special instincts. Showing behavior of closing the hole It has become a warning before high tide. In addition, the "three water wave patterns" also represent the area and the nickname "City of 3 Waters" consisting of fresh water, salt water, and brackish water, which are the basis for various agricultural and fishing operations in the area. 'Applied Chakri pattern' (daisy pattern) and auspicious numbers are popular patterns drawn on Benjarong, a famous OTOP product of Samut Sakhon province. These fiddler crab pants Designed using the traditional Chakri pattern. and new presentation By bringing bouquets and daisies together to form the number 8, which is an auspicious number according to the beliefs of Thai-Chinese people. As for the main character, he asks for a job. The "big fiddler crab pattern" is clearly visible. Gestures similar to Korean expressions of love Become a representative campaigning for us to help m aintain and take care of the mangrove forest ecosystem. To remain with us forever, followed by 'Phikun pattern' is another ancient pattern that is popularly drawn on Benjarong, a 5-star OTOP product, and is also an art that has created a reputation for Samut Sakhon province. Finally, "Prajamyam pattern" is another type of basic Thai pattern that is popularly drawn on Benjarong ware. The pattern structure is in a square. It looks like a flower with four petals. It is a pattern that looks exquisitely similar to a Kanok pattern. Therefore, it is a pattern that beautifully represents the uniqueness of Thai art. This matter is from the Samut Sakhon Provincial Administrative Organization. Currently in discussion with all involved parties, including Samut Sakhon Provincial Administrative Organization. It is only the initiator who sparks the idea. and promoting the publicity of the fiddler crab pants to be known only Not involved in production for sale The future is likely to include copyright registration. To preve nt imitation and pushing towards becoming provincial pants Source: Thai News Agency