Seminar on Vietnamese youth role model as global citizens

A seminar in Hanoi on Wednesday discussed ways to build a youth role model in the new period.

Participants called for more policies and conditions to help young people to equip themselves with global citizens' characteristics and norms and the roles of youth unions and associations in this process.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Vu Khoan told the meeting that the market economy and international integration have been affecting the economy, politics, society, and culture of each country and its people, particularly the young generation.

Mr. Khoan urged Vietnamese youths to be open-minded, but at the same time preserve the national cultural identities. "During the international integration, Vietnamese young people should improve the knowledge and understanding in diverse aspects," said Mr. Khoan, taking example as, "first you should understand what the global economy is and how it operates. Second an understanding of the world politics is required. Third what are the rules of the international integration? Finally is to understand the world culture. It is the most decisive factor for success."

Source: VOV5