Supreme Court allows Trump to use Pentagon funds for border wall

The US Supreme Court cleared the way for Donald Trump to use billions in Pentagon funds to build a border wall.

The decision allows the Trump administration to redirect approximately 2.5 billion USD approved by Congress for the Pentagon to help build his promised wall along the US-Mexico border even though lawmakers refused to provide funding.

The Trump administration planned to use the 2.5 billion USD on four contracts to replace existing sections of barrier in Arizona, California and New Mexico with more robust fencing.

The Supreme Court's five conservative justices agreed to block a ruling in lower courts that barred Trump from spending the money on the wall contracts on the basis that Congress did not specifically authorize the funds to be used that way. The court's four liberal justices wouldn't have allowed construction to start.

The justices' decision to lift the freeze on the money allows Trump to make progress on a major 2016 campaign promise.

Source: VOV5