Symposium highlights Dien Bien Phu Victory’s historical value

The Ministry of National Defense and Dien Bien Province jointly held a symposium on Dien Bien Phu Victory's historical value in Dien Bien Phu city on Thursday.

Participants said it was Vietnam's greatest victory that lead to the signing of the Geneva Accords, ending the war in Vietnam and restoring peace in Indochina. They stressed the need to learn more lessons from the victory and apply them in today's national construction and defense. High on the agenda were the wise leadership of the Party Central Committee led by President Ho Chi Minh and the High Command and the coordination of the armed forces and people in the Northwestern region. Deputy Defense Minister Le Chiem said: Today's symposium marks the 65th anniversary of the glorious victory, when the entire Party, people, and Army recall the tradition of courageous fighting and promote patriotism, self-reliance, and peacemaking. Historical lessons and experience will be learned for building and defending the socialist Vietnam.

Source: VOV5