Syria: fierce fighting in Aleppo

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on Saturday that at least 21 civilians, including two children, have been killed since Friday in attacks by the militant forces.

On Friday, fighters from a coalition of Islamist rebel groups: Ahrar-al-Sham backed by Turkey, the Jaish al Fateh or the Army of Conquest group, and the rebel army conducted a counter-attack named "Epic battle of Aleppo" to break through the Syrian government siege in the areas occupied by the rebel forces in eastern Aleppo through which to open up key routes for supply and transportation. Fighters of the opposition forces fired rockets at the areas under the government control in western Aleppo.

According to SOHR, fire exchanges killed 18 soldiers of the government and alliance forces and intense fighting continues in western parts of the city where the rebels are making several advances. More than 1,500 gunmen from Aleppo and Idlib are moving toward the west in an attack of districts under the government control in Aleppo.

Source: VOV5