Taiwanese people love Thai ghost movies. More than 28 million baht was pumped into the country in 2023.

Nonthaburi, Director-General of the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) reveals the results of a survey of the Thai film market in Taiwan in 2023. There were a total of 10 films shown, earning 28.46 million baht in revenue. Houses for rent are sacrificed. Highest income champion Followed by Happy Homecoming and Mae Nak Reborn pointing out that Thai ghost movies are very popular with real hauntings. Romance movies and YA movies are equally popular. Suggesting cooperation with Taiwanese producers to make Chinese-language films and bring their films to the fair. Confident that the launch will increase. Mr. Phusit Rattanakul Serererngrit Director-General of the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) revealed that the department has given policies to commercial ambassadors stationed in various countries to explore avenues and opportunities for exporting Thai products to the countries where they are stationed. and report results continuously Recently received a report from Miss Kanlaya Leewongcharoen, Director of the Office of Foreign Trade Promotion in Manila (Part 2) regarding the results of a survey of the Thai film market in the Taiwan market. and opportunities to expand the Thai film market into the Taiwanese market Both entering into investment and channels for releasing Thai films In this regard, a report was received from the commercial ambassador of the Thai film market in Taiwan from Jan. - 26 Nov. 2023. It was found that there were a total of 10 films released, making a total income of 28.46 million baht, considered to have recovered close to normal before. COVID-19 outbreak The movie that earned the most money was Baan Sacrificial, earning 16.55 million baht, followed by Happy Home Day, earning 9.25 million baht, and Mae Nak Reborn earning 3.01 million baht, First Love is So Hard to Forget, earning 1.66. million baht, Hun Payont, income 1.13 million baht, Dabsaengrawee, income 597 thousand baht, E-Nu Danger, income 540 thousand baht, Buppesannivas 2, income 504 thousand baht, A nn income 113 hundred thousand baht, and Anon is an outstanding student, income 87 thousand baht. However, from the statistics above, it can be seen that ghost movies are a film genre from Thailand. which is very popular with the Taiwanese market. Most Taiwanese believe that black magic and horror phenomena in Thai ghost movies are different and scary in their own right. It adds more mystery to Thai ghost movies. As a result, Thai movies of this type are quite popular with audiences who want thrills and scares. Of the 10 Thai movies shown in Taiwan in 2023, 5 are ghost movies, and the top 3 Thai movies that make the most money from being shown in Taiwan in 2023 are all ghost movies,' Mr. Phusit said. Besides ghost movies In the Taiwanese market, there are also films from other Thai genres continuously being shown. Even though the income from the screenings is not very high Whether it's a little thing called love (2010), Miss Witthaya (2014), Ifay, Thank You, Love You (2014), Fan Day, Just One Day (2017), No ng.Phi.Dear (2018). ) Bikeman (2019) Friend Zone Be careful..the end of the road for friends (2019) Ai..the tempting person (2020) Sai Hua Bai Nai Suean (2021) Jai Fu Story (2022) etc. and there are also series. Thai Y that is more popular in the Taiwanese market, such as Present Perfect, This is Just Good (2017), Tootsies and The Fake (2020), Dew, Let's Go Together (2020), 2gether : The Movie (2022) and Dubsaengrawee (2023), etc. As for Thai LGBT movies that have come to create color in the Taiwanese market until many are known throughout, such as Love of Siam (2008) and Yes or No, If You Want Love, Love Loei (2010), which received It is praised as being a pioneering LGBT film for the Taiwanese market. The market for Chinese-language audio films is considered to be a market with high potential. Because it is a large market Because there are people of Chinese descent living outside of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. many more around the world But the language barrier This may make it difficult for Thaila nd to produce all its own Chinese-language films. Joint venture filmmaking is therefore one option that will allow for easy entry into the Chinese language film market. It may use its strengths from the popularity of ghost movies and YA movies from Thailand as a starting point for creating cooperation. The Taiwanese government has opened up opportunities for foreign filmmakers to apply for funding to co-invest in the production of films and animations. It allows teams from abroad to propose projects through the Taiwan Creative Contest Fest, which opens applications in July every year. And there will be a selection of works for pitching in November of the same year. English can be used for all applications and pitching, allowing Thai teams and personnel to apply to attend the event. You can register in advance to receive news related to the opening of applications at https://register.taicca.tw/#/register Therefore, it is considered another interesting channel for independent filmmakers who want to find funding to support filming. for entering the market Taiwan has two major film festivals: the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and the Taipei Film Festival. It will be a channel that will help create awareness for the Thai film industry as well. Source: Thai News Agency

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