TESDA teaches women acquire skillls in traditionally male-dominated jobs

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and global detergent brand Ariel, through its AhonPinay campaign, have recently signed an agreement to implement a program that will empower women in the workplace, particularly in the tech-voc sector.

The TESDA-Ariel partnership will enable the implementation of evening-classes for competency-based training in several tech-voc courses like Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) SCII, Plumbing NC II, Automotive Servicing NC II and Electrical Installation and Maintenance (EIM) NC II.

"We want to open more opportunities for women in the workplace, even in traditionally male-dominated jobs, and empower them to reach their potentials," TESDA Director General Irene Isaac said after signing a memorandum of agreement with Procter and Gamble (P and G), makers of Ariel, as represented by Jaryd Chan, the company's brand manager.

The partnership entails including women in the various labor sectors, even those that are traditionally male-dominated like welding, plumbing, electrical installation, utility services and manpower, which are the in-demand jobs in the country and abroad. Apart from challenging themselves by taking on these tasks, these women are also trained to aim for a better financial future.

The agreement is part of Ariel's AhonPinay, an advocacy campaign mounted in cooperation with the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) to help uplift the civil and labor rights of women, and raise awareness on gender equality and resolve gender-centered problems.

AhonPinay is part of P and G Ariel's global advocacy along with the #Sharetheload campaign online in India, and the Rise Women campaign in Vietnam.

Source: The Standard