US denies pursuing a cold war with China

The US is not pursuing a Cold War and wants to boost cooperation with China, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday.

After the meeting between US and Chinese officials on bilateral ties and North Korea's nuclear issues in Washington, Pompeo said the US is not pursuing a Cold War or containment policy with China. Rather, it wants to ensure that China acts responsibly and fairly in support of the security and prosperity of each of the two countries. He expressed concern about the building of military installations on artificial islands and reefs of the East Sea and urged China to follow previous commitments in the region. He asked China to coordinate in pursuit of the denuclearization of North Korea through strict enforcement of UN sanctions.

China's Politburo member Yang Jiechi said China agreed on the pursuit of denuclearization in the Korea Peninsula, adding US and China's differences can be settled through dialogue and consultation.

Source: VOV5