Vietnamese AO victim introduces autobiography in France

Tran To Nga, a Vietnamese Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin victim living in France has introduced her autobiography on the occasion of the Vietnam Day event held in Valenton city of France.

The book, entitled "Ma terre empoisonee" (My poisoned land) tells the story of Nga, who lived and worked in some areas heavily contaminated by dioxin-contained AO sprayed by the US army in southern Vietnam from 1966 to 1970 and consequently suffering from the toxic chemical. Nga also talked about projects that she has been working on to support Vietnamese AO victims. In May 2014, Nga filed a lawsuit against 26 US chemical firms for producing chemical toxins used by the US army in the war in Vietnam. Francoise Labat, Vice Mayor of Valenton city, said that the city will organise more events on the issues to raise people's awareness in the fight for justice for Vietnamese AO victims.

Source: VOV5