Vietnamese students honored with “January Star”, “Five-Virtue Student” Awards

The Central Committee of the Vietnamese Students Association (VSA) has honored outstanding students with "January Star", "Five-Virtue Student", and "Five-Virtue Student Collective" awards in 2016. The ceremony on Sunday in Ho Chi Minh City marked the 67th anniversary of Vietnam Students' Day (January 9).

At the ceremony, Truong Thi Mai, Head of the Party Central Committee's Commission for Mass Mobilization, praised the students' creative role in the emulation of learning, training, and scientific research. She said: "As the main political and social organization of students, the Association has been actively motivating and encouraging members to contribute to the national development goals. With their youthful ambition and enthusiasm, today's generation of students will extend the glorious tradition of previous generations."

53 awarded students have met the five criteria of good personality, excellent academic achievements, physical fitness, volunteer activities, and social integration. 12 awarded collectives have excelled in implementing and participating in student movements. Other awardees include 100 outstanding students, active in VSA and Youth Union activities.

Source: VOV5