VOV, Argentina enhance media cooperation

The Voice of Vietnam and Argentina have agreed to boost cooperation between media agencies. At a reception between VOV President Nguyen The Ky and Argentinean Ambassador Juan Carlos Valle Raleigh on Wednesday, the two sides said the potential for media cooperation between Vietnam and Argentina has not been fully tapped.

The two sides agreed that media cooperation should be based on principles of promoting bilateral ties, not interfering in each other's affairs, and promoting the two countries' land, people, culture and economic potential. VOV President Nguyen The Ky said: "Vietnamese and Argentinean journalists can take part in exchange programs to learn more about each other's land and people. Broadcast stations of the two countries can exchange programs to introduce their potentials for socio-economic and cultural development and cooperation. Argentinean programs can be broadcast on VOV and we will send you documentaries introducing Vietnam's land and people".

Ambassador Raleigh said he would do his utmost to promote media cooperation between Vietnam and Argentina.

Source: VOV5