Workshop on APEC Year 2017 in the US

The Vietnamese Embassy in the US, along with the US-APEC Business Coalition and the US National Center for APEC, held an event to promote Vietnam's APEC Year 2017 in Washington on Wednesday.

The Ambassador to the US Pham Quang Vinh highlighted the APEC Year's theme of "Creating a new driving force for a common future" and said Vietnam wished to cooperate with foreign partners to create a strong momentum for the more dynamic development in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Ambassador also highlighted the main activities during Vietnam's APEC Year 2017, particularly the APEC Summit Week scheduled to take place in the central coastal city of Danang and sideline events, including a dialogue between leaders and APEC businesses and an APEC business summit.

Mr. Vinh added that Vietnam will coordinate with its partners, including US companies, to fulfill the primary goal of the APEC 2017, which is to help support the people and enterprises.

Source: VOV5