World Bank to continue helping Vietnam address rapid urbanization, climate change

World Bank Vice President for Sustainable Development, Laura Tuck has reaffirmed the World Bank Group's continued support for Vietnam as the country addresses the challenges of rapid urbanization and the impacts of climate change.

During her first visit to Vietnam on Saturday, Ms. Tuck said Vietnam's transformation from one of the poorest country to a middle-income country in just three decades is an inspiration to many countries around the world. The World Bank looks forward to continue its close partnership with Vietnam to ensure this growth is inclusive, sustainable and climate-resilient.

In Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. Tuck witnessed the development impacts brought about by World Bank-funded projects. She then traversed the Mekong Delta through Ben Tre province to see first-hand the impacts of climate change on the lives, livelihoods and assets of communities. During her meeting with leaders from Can Tho City, Ms. Tuck discussed the role of cities in the transformation of the Mekong Delta, a region with high population density, and the importance of strengthening urban resilience.

Source: VOV5