World leaders sends out New Year messages

US President Barack Obama sent a celebratory New Year's message on Saturday to all people and highly spoke of his accomplishments as the US president. Obama called on his people to unite after the presidential election of 2016.

Chinese President Xi Jinping called on the world community to join hands to build a peaceful and prosperous world in his New Year's Eve address.

President Xi said Saturday that his government would continue to focus on poverty alleviation, shore up Communist Party discipline and maintain anti-corruption campaigns.

Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Germans Saturday to hold firm to democratic values in the face of militant terror, urging them to counter "murderers who are full of hate" with compassion and cohesion. In her New Year's address, the German leader promised that the government will in 2017 swiftly put in place and implement any necessary political or legal changes to close down any security gaps.

Source: VOV5