World optimistic about Vietnam’s successful hosting of 2nd DPRK-USA Summit

Ambassadors of Asian countries to Egypt have voiced their optimism about Vietnam's successful organization of the 2ndDPRK-USA Summit, which will take place in Hanoi on February 27 and 28.

Thai Ambassador Chainarong Keratiyuwong said: Thailand and Vietnam are in the ASEAN family. I think we see the increasing role of Vietnam in the region. The selection of Vietnam as the venue for the meeting of President Trump and Chairman Kim this time is another milestone. I hope that Vietnam will play a very good facilitating role and that the meeting can lead to regional peace. I wish Vietnam could do well on this matter. Personally, I think before they decided to meet, normally, it was not the two leaders coming to meet immediately but they had good preparations for the meeting. I think I can expect positive outcomes before this meeting. I just hope for the best of this meeting.

Premjith Sadasivan, Ambassador of Singapore, which hosted the 1st Trump-Kim Summit last June, congratulated Vietnam for being selected as the venue of the meeting. He said: I think the 2nd DPRK-USA meeting shows that both countries have confidence in Vietnam in hosting this Summit. Singapore hosted the first Summit. I think the message to the world is that both countries want to start a process of discussion and solutions for this 17-year-old dilemma. It's good that both sides are discussing these important issues to bring stability to the Korean peninsula and a broader Asian region. I'm delighted and I congratulate Vietnam for being selected to be the venue for this very important summit. There were certain points of agreement from both sides at the Singapore Summit so the 2nd one is the continuation of the first. This is a long process and Vietnam and Singapore all provide the venue for these important talks, which are expected to bring positive outcomes for the whole region.

Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Yeocheol Yoon expressed his confidence in the outcomes of the summit towards denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. He said: Vietnam is a very important country in Southeast Asia. It's a good example of developing a country by opening its economy to the world. Also it's a good example of making friends out of all enemies. So we have now witnessed a dramatic development of the Vietnamese economy when the Vietnamese government makes peace with the America's and then their cooperation is very exemplary. For South Korea, Vietnam is a top priority and we have such a long standing friendship so we like to the a very positive role by Vietnam for the Summit. This is the 2nd round. I hope both sides will come up with concrete steps to achieve denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and lasting peace there. I think the Vietnamese government is in a very unique position to be able to persuade other to follow its example of developing the economy and making peace with the US.

Foreign diplomats in Egypt also showed their support for Vietnam's role and optimism about the 2nd Summit between US President Donald Trump and DPRK Chairman Kim Jong-un.

Source: VOV5