Personal manager reveals “Nok Jariya” posted a complaint about work stress.

Nine Entertainment, Personal manager reveals "Nok Jariya" posted a complaint because he was stressed about work. Preparing to become a nun on April 6th, 15 days. Many people are quite worried. When the drama producer-senior actor "Nok Jariya" posted a picture of a black screen with the message "Enough" and "Come back to love yourself." The Nine Entertainment news team called directly to his personal manager, revealing, 'P'Nok is stressed about work that many things are not finished yet. Because P'Nok will enter the ceremony to be ordained as a nun at Sathian Dhammasathan on April 6th, approximately 15 days. It was P'Nok's intention for a long time that he wanted to ordain to make merit and practice Dhamma for his father who passed away. So try to finish all the work. Until you may put too much pressure on yourself and become stressed. Source: Thai News Agency

The first Am brand in Southeast Asia for Loewe.

Nine Entertainment, Too great! Baifern has been appointed as an Am brand. Southeast Asia's first to offer Loewe Beautiful, pleasing to the eye, no exaggeration for Baifern Pimchanok Luevisadpaiboon Famous heroine whose work guarantees countless talents Recently, the very popular brand of LVMH, Loewe, has appointed her as its first brand ambassador for Thailand and Southeast Asia. The announcement of this collaboration comes after Baifern traveled to attend fashion shows during Paris Fashion Week twice, the first time in September 2023 for the Spring/Summer 2024 collection with Tae Tawan and the latest. Fall/Winter 2024 this past February along with Aof Jumpol After this, Baifern will travel to Shanghai to attend the Crafted World exhibition at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from March 20-21, which will be the first major exhibition of the oldest fashion brand in the LVMH group. Showcasing the craftsmanship of leather making and creativity. Source: Thai News Agency

Jiranee comes back! James Ji reveals that filming is close to starting a new drama.

Nine Entertainment, Jiranee comes back! James Ji reveals that the filming of a new drama is close. Bella is not shy, being followed by FC since Grade 3 until now in Year 1. The nostalgic atmosphere of #Jiranee's fans has come back again. Because the young hero James Jirayu and the young heroine Bella Ranee attended a couple event that included gaming activities. and take photos with fans as well At this event, Bella opened up about the fans who attended today's event as always being cute. It's a familiar atmosphere. I'm delighted that the fan club has followed me since Grade 3 until now I'm in my first year at university. He's not shy. But I'm glad to meet the fans and see our development and soon there will be work together. As for the young man, James Ji said that coming back this time It's interesting to see which way both of us will perform. It should be fun, but I definitely think it won't be difficult to adapt. It's almost time to turn on the camera. Source: Thai News Agency

Awesome! Nong Teekhayu, Annie Brook’s son, won 1st place in the country in the English speech competition.

Nine Entertainment, Both handsome and talented For Nong Thikhayu Annie Brook's beloved son. Mother is delighted after her son competes in an English speech contest. At the end of the contest, the results showed that Nong Thikhayu received 100 full points, becoming number 1 in the country. Behind Mother Annie Posted a picture of his son posing with a gold medal and a pride trophy. Posting on his personal Facebook page, many fans flocked to comment and praise Nong Thikhayu's talent. Source: Thai News Agency

“Art Pasut” spends millions to buy 70 baht gold bars.

Nine Entertainment, During this period, the price of gold bars and gold jewelry has reached an all-time high. Causing investors to buy gold to squeeze profits and gradually bring out the gold they bought to sell in a lively manner. Some use the profits they get to buy gold and keep it for profit in the future. Like the muscular actor Art Pasut who set aside some money to buy a 70 baht gold bar in order to profit and wait to receive a large sum of money in the future. Source: Thai News Agency

Pex from Zeal doesn’t want to be brothers with his ex anymore.

Nine Entertainment, Makes the young singer "Pex Prajat" or "Pex from Zeal" quite angry. After some ill-wisher people posted about "Pex" in But he didn't get married. But when I got together with my current person for just a short while, I got married. This made the singer famous. Was heavily criticized Recently, he couldn't stand it anymore. Speak loudly from now on, no matter what words, opinions, or actions you take. Ready to take the blame to the utmost Source: Thai News Agency

Along with the parents and children, “Ning Panita” brought her daughter to celebrate “Jin’s” birthday.

Nine Entertainment, It was another moment that made my heart feel extremely happy when the skilled actress-producer Ning Panita took her beloved daughter, Nong Nirin, to join in dinner and celebrate her birthday. Birthday for ex-husband Jin-Jarin Thamwattana, with the faces of father, mother and child, plus the atmosphere was full of smiles. And it was a very warm moment. Nong Nirin has cut a clip of moments celebrating her father's birthday. and posted on personal Instagram Ready to write a birthday message in English: 'Happy birthday daddy hope you have the best birthday with me and mom @jintumwattana ???? hope you find light every where u go ???????????? love you ?????? thanks mom for lunch ?????? love you too' . Source: Thai News Agency