The owner of a cockfighting arena mysteriously disappeared, fearing something bad had happened.


Chumphon, The owner of the Chumphon cockfighting arena mysteriously disappeared. GPS picked up a signal of a car driving at an unusual speed in the central region. Destination on the Thonburi side The police rushed to follow but there was still no sign. Revealing the root cause may be from an affair-financial problem. Mr. Samran, 74 years old, a resident of Sawi District, Chumphon Province, brought a photo of a white Fortuner car belonging to Mr. Khanop, 56 years old, or Maas, who is his younger brother. He mysteriously disappeared from his home on February 1, 2024 and revealed it to the media. Worried that something bad will happen to my younger brother. The image is from a highway police camera that saw Mr. Khanob's car. While in the area Khok Krabue Subdistrict, Mueang District, Samut Sakhon Province, on February 2, 2024, around noon. Mr. Samran gave information that his younger brother had opened a cockfighting arena for more than 5 years, named 'Swee Stadium Cockfighting Stadium,' located on Asia Road 41, Sawi Subdistrict. His younger brother had two wives, the first of whom was married but did not. Marriage registration and have no children together They have lived together for 8-9 years at a house in Khao Khai Subdistrict, Sawi District, while the second person lives in Lang Suan District. The two have been together for almost 1 year. Mr. Samran said His younger brother disappeared from his house on February 1st at around 8 p.m. He traveled to report the matter at Nasak Police Station on February 2nd and then gave it to the company. Car dealers check the GPS position in the car. It was found that on the same day at around 2:00 p.m., GPS detected the movement of a car parked in a parking lot in the Thonburi area of ??Bangkok. Mr. Samran continued: He had police from Sawi Police Station follow the said car. By coordinating with the local police But it appeared that when the police arrived, his brother's car had disappeared. After that, they could not contact him again, presumably the GPS had been removed . Mr. Samran said The younger brothers don't meet often. Because his younger brother will be busy with the cockfighting arena business and will travel to play chicken in different places. in the area of ??Chumphon province In my free time I do gardening. He last spoke on the phone last month. Therefore, he appealed to the police to hurry and track him down. Because his younger brother had never behaved like this before. If going to Bangkok I never go alone, at least I go with two people. Moreover, the GPS signal tracks the movement of the car. It is faster than normal driving and rarely stops anywhere. Mr. Samran further revealed that he later found out from the first wife he lived with that there were family problems regarding money. We met and asked for money. When he didn't give it, he became angry. And most recently, before disappearing, he asked his wife for 100,000 baht, while during the time that his younger brother disappeared Lived with his second wife at home in Lang Suan district. and know that b efore that A creditor came to demand money from his second wife who had lent him money and a violent argument ensued that he had to go to the police station. Now he is very fascinated by his younger brother's disappearance. It may be related to money and affairs. In the past, he had warned his younger brother about a woman not to interfere. Because the behavior is not trustworthy . Source: Thai News Agency