Vietnam, US sign agreement on dioxin treatment in Bien Hoa

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Air Defence � Air Force Service under the Vietnamese Defence Ministry have signed an agreement on non-refundable aid for a project on dioxin remediation in Bien Hoa airport.

Michael Greene, Mission Director for USAID in Vietnam, and Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh, Commander of the Air Defence � Air Force Service, signed the document in Hanoi on Friday to begin plans for the work process.

Bien Hoa is the largest remaining dioxin hotspot in Vietnam. The successful decontamination in the area will contribute to reducing risks of dioxin exposure and affecting human health.

The project, estimated to cost 390 million USD, will be completed within 10 years. The US commits to collaborating with Vietnam and its Defence Ministry in addressing war consequences while continuing to foster bilateral economic, cultural and security relations.

Source: VOV5